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Cashless donation platform for charities, social enterprises and charitable organisations in Portsmouth

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What we do

Face-to-face donation acceptance

It's no secret that physical cash is disappearing from our city streets, but meeting your supporters and being active in your community has never been more essential. Support Street is a new face-to-face donation acceptance platform, designed to allow you to take donations in-person without the need for expensive card readers or other gadgets.

No hardware required

Our QR code technology allows the public to donate to your charity or organisation with their own smartphones. Only a QR-reader app is required, such as the iPhone's built-in camera.

Why us?


Donations are securely captured over encrypted connections and in full PCI-compliance. No card numbers are ever disclosed, so you can rest assured that everything is safe and above board.

No setup fees or platform fees

With no upfront costs or platform fees, you can use the platform whenever you need it, and put it back on the shelf when you don't. For the duration of our pilot programme, only the cost of the electronic transaction processing is passed on to you.

A local donation platform for local organisations

Support Street is a donation platform built in Portsmouth, by a Portsmouth team and intended for local charities, CICs and charitable organisations. We're here to help you keep up with the shifting landscape of cashless payments, and we'd be delighted to meet you.

Community Interest Company

Unlike other platforms, Support Street is a CIC. Our mission is to help charitable organisations like yours raise money in a cashless world, and we've chosen a legal structure to match our ambitions.

Our partners


Safe and secure payment processing, Stripe are trusted the world over by the likes of Amazon, John Lewis and Oxfam. Stripe securely process the card, Apple Pay and Google Pay donations that you receive through our platform.


Our platform also accepts PayPal, so that your supporters can use their favourite payment method for fast and secure donations.

Support Street

Did you know that bank branches and cash machines are disappearing at record levels? That’s why our mission is to bring cashless, face-to-face donations to charities and social enterprises at minimal cost. Whether you're big or small, if you want to accept donations, tips, or contributions from the public or your customers, we'd love to hear from you.

Founded in Portsmouth over many busy evenings and weekends, we’re a brand new donation platform specialising in face-to-face donation acceptance for local organisations, and we’re here to help.

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK


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